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Our Mission

Our Mission

Vision and mission of
Project Management Network

"... Project Management is a state of mind, a way of looking at things ... Project Management does not come about by itself, it has to be built ...

... in the era of globalisation, it is the system of networking knowledge that is becoming the true source of competitiveness ...

... the Project Management Network strategy focuses on the multi-sector, multi-cultural integration of knowledge and expertise in order to make the most of the results of the individual, company, R&D activities carried out within the goal of the stakeholders ...

... we promote project management and product management innovation with a view to attracting increasing numbers of value for personal grow and firm effectiveness ...

Francesco Tortora

(Founder of Project Management Network)

The mission of the Project Management Network:

ØKnowledge Sharing regarding Project Management discipline.

Create strong links between people, company, industrial research, technological development and innovation.

ØImplement a virtuous circle of innovation development project management lead throughout the region by promoting partnerships, interaction and synergies between the companies parthner and those outside.

ØBusiness Opportunities.

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